Finding Bluebonnets

Garden 42

Image Lupinus texensis – Commonly known as the ‘Texas Bluebonnet’ and the official state flower of Texas.

Spring in Texas is ushered in by the appearance of the bluebonnets. The first signs of these gems start appearing in late January and early February, but come March and April, their show is so spectacular that there are festivals held in their honor and people make pilgrimages in the form of day trips to the country to catch a glimpse of fields and rolling hills turned blue from the explosion of these flowers. The shoulders of highways are lined with parked cars as people turn out to take pictures, family portraits, and bridal portraits.

Bluebonnets are near and dear to Texans. Unfortunately, Bluebonnets in the urban areas are scarce. There are too many chemicals and too many calloused and uneducated landscaping crews scalping the grass and any potential wildflowers in their way. Bluebonnets…

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