Day 29: Planting a Garden of Happiness

Zoe and dots

I’m not a mother to a child, I’m a mother to a lot of children. My children are tiny little wheat-grass seeds and like children, you can simply never get tired of watching them grow. Gardening makes me excited to see how my seeds will look tomorrow. In a way, planting is exciting because it makes us believe that there will be a tomorrow to look forward to!

Day 29, my little wheat-grass seeds made me appreciate how exciting life is and how much can change in a day. I’d like to think that although I may not physically change, my mind and soul blossoms as fast as plants.

Being a mother to my seeds it was my duty to care for them and help them to grow to the strongest they could be.


No longer fully dependent on me, it was time to let them grow on their own…

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