Spring Gardening

Audie's Alchemy

Audie's Alchemy // CA Sunrise Seriously, how gorgeous is that sunrise.  I may be partial, but Southern California really does have the best sunrises and sunsets.  Now that that is out of the way, we can talk about gardening.  A couple of years ago we (we as in my sister and I) planted a garden, but we were too overwhelmed by weeds and the crazy amount of time it took to try and keep it weed free.  This year we wised up and placed thick brown paper bags underneath the weed block sheets.  Hopefully this will help keep the weeds at bay all season and keep our ground nice a moist.  Knock on wood, so far so good!  The garden has been planted for about a month and the weeds have been minimal.

We started our gardening experience by making a list of things we wanted to plant and where we were going to plant…

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