Marjoram and Oregano

WildFlower Farm

I put Marjoram and Oregano together for one good reason, they are very closely related. Like Rosemary, these are also native to the mediterranean.

Marjoram and OreganoMarjoram can grow to be a rather large bush (2-3 feet) in southern climates. In the north it won’t stand the winter and must be replanted each spring and then it only has time to grow to a small, 1-2 feet, bush. The tiny flowers are usually white or lavender in color and show up mid-summer. Like we talked about in  All Things Lavender, marjoram can be propagated in the same ways; seed, cutting or burying a living stem. Any way you start them, be sure it’s in fertile soil, that is very damp (not root rotting wet though) and in a partially shady spot. Once established it will “self seed” if you let it. Marjoram is a shallow rooted plant making it great for pots…

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