Dirty Hands

Life at Crooked Brand Ranch

After church on Sunday Jonesy and I got a few things planted in the garden.  Our neighbor, Tim, had tilled it with a 6 ft. tractor tiller for us a few weeks ago and it’s just been waiting for us to get started.  So far all we put out was onions, radishes and two kinds of lettuce.

Our garden is about 200 ft. from the house and 100×60, so this was just a small part of what we will eventually be planting.

Garden Doesn’t look like much here, but give it a couple of months.

The first thing we do is decide where we want everything then run a string from one end to the other.  To (hopefully) keep the rows straight and the right distance apart for a tiller to get in between.  We will do this with each row.

Then comes the fun part…the actual planting.    


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