How to Look After Your Lawn in Spring

Rukeri - Garden turf

After the harshness of winter, spring is an important season in caring for your lawn turf. At this time of year, the grass begins to grow,so giving your turf the due care and attention that it needs will allow it to look pristine throughout the rest of the year.

Cutting the Grass

As the grass begins to grow, you are going to need to start mowing it. In spring the best approach is to get into the routine of cutting the grass little and often. Set the height of your lawnmower to the highest setting so that around a quarter, but no more than a third, of the grass is cut.

Feeding the Grass

You must feed your lawn turf during this time of the year to ensure it gets the essential nutrients required to grow strong and healthy. Use some good quality lawn fertiliser and weed killer to giveā€¦

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