Ollas: The Best Water Irrigation System, and It’s Cheap too!

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Ollas Produced by Growing Awareness Urban Farm

Ollas(pronounced Oy-Yahs) are an ancient water irrigation technique that has been used in varying parts of the world for over 4,000 years. I can imagine the first time a person noticed the water seeping from the porous clay by spotting the ring of wet around a pot holding water. Connections in the brain were made then cue light bulb over head, cut, aaaaand print! I mean the simple brilliance of these is beyond awesome, and yet, here we are using water hoses and complicated drip irrigation systems that cost an arm and a leg to create. Ok so, before I get ahead of myself, let me explain how Ollas work.

The Simple Anatomy and Use of an Olla

Ollas are made from clay that has been fired without any glaze. This leaves the clay porous and allows water to slowly seep from theā€¦

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