Fresh Veggies From the Garden…

Growing Roots

I know some people have probably wondered what I am growing these days.  We have had limited success with our garden because it is a different climate with different needs.  I am learning and hope to learn much more.  It is the dry season and most plants and trees are shedding their leaves to conserve moisture.  They are flowering and fruiting but we won’t be able to eat that fruit until the rainy season in most cases.  I am not planting anything at the moment but hoping that what I have will produce. I have cucumbers, squash and beans.  I have produce starting on all of them but worry the heat will be too much.  I have given them shade but it might not be enough.

I am happy to share that we planted these carrots in the fall semester.  It took us 3 tries because the seedlings kept dying…

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