Tomato Hornworm

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Tomato Horn Worm

Some days you know just aren’t gonna go your way…if you’re a Tomato Hornworm, and you wake up one morning all bedazzled with little white doodads, chances are, the day will not end well. Those little bits of bling are the death of you.

The little rice-like attachments are the cocoons which will open to reveal the braconid wasp, a beneficial insect whose progeny will go on to parasitic even more Tomato Hornworms. The wasp lays its eggs in the caterpillar and its larvae eat the muscle tissue of the beast before emerging to spin their cocoons. Meals on Wheels…er…legs. As a gardener and tomato-lover, you love seeing these little beauties. Nature can be cruel…but that worm was gonna wreak havoc on your tender tomatoes, so he’s got what’s coming to him.

If you see a Tomato Hornworm festooned like this in your garden, gently move it into a mason…

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