Garden Prep

The Black-Thumb Gardener

Two weekends, two trips to Home Depot, two very large truck loads of perfectly enriched and expertly mulched garden soil, and two trips to two different greenhouses.

The garden spot I chose proved to be more challenging than I’d anticipated.

Though strategically situated to keep my veggies moderately safe from my dig-happy dogs and the neighborhood’s corn-loving deer, my garden plot was really just a neglected area of my yard.  I spent the first morning raking a season’s worth of oak leaves out of my future garden and into an amazingly large pile.  Underneath the leaves I found a forest of scraggly weeds.  Many of them were thorny and unpleasant and generally against being removed.

After I picked several spikes out of my bleeding thumbs, I marked where the raised beds would go, and started trying to turn the soil in each area.  Not only was my dirt impossibly infertile

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