Five Tips For Starting a Vegetable Garden

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So anyone who follows me on basically any social media outlet knows that the husband and I spent this weekend installing this year’s vegetable garden. We have both made an effort to really focus on getting more vegetables in our diet, and sometimes that can get a little expensive so why not grow them in our own yard for pennies compared to the grocery store? I really believe in eating as healthfully and sustainable as possible without having to take out a second mortgage to fund it, so I will let all of my readers learn from our many failed attempts so hopefully you can enjoy the bounty of your garden (no matter the size).

Five Tips For Your First Vegetable Garden

Only Grow What You Like to Eat

I know many people enter the world of vegetable gardening are doing so to increase their own vegetable intake, and can sometimes try to do too much too soon…

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One response to “Five Tips For Starting a Vegetable Garden

  1. Thought i need to pay attention on this blog more now … Because i starting my little garden project and it’s was my third time to grow my own vegetable and i hope this will be my last time to restart 🙂 by the way Thanks for sharing our post … i thinks to share your idea too If there have any idea from recycled plastic then i will share it 🙂 Thanks u .love your blog real .

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