Compost Mysteries: 3

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Composting is the original recycling. Mother Nature started to recycle her own discarded plant matter more than a billion years ago. Little by little, her recycling of that which was born from the earth and given back to it created all the top soil on the planet. There is no other source of top soil. It can only come from plant matter being returned back to Mother Nature. She not only knows what to do with it, she knows how to do that with no waste, no pollution, no loss, and no harm to water, air, or life. Thus, once again, composting is a miracle and mystery of life that we can participate in.

How, you might ask? I suggest that we look to Mother Nature, the first recycler, for our answer. Does one need a special and expensive compost bin or a particular location or some sort of weird…

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