Harvesting Garlic

AZ Caretaker

Three weeks ago we harvested the 4′ x 8′ bed of California Early White Garlic.  We learned to be careful after piercing several bulbs with our forks, unfortunately they where some of our largest bulbs 😦  Once they were out of the ground we placed them on top of the tomato cages to dry for two days.  With temperatures climbing, we removed the dried dirt and trimmed the roots off.  Then my wife and daughters put their braiding skills to use and for the first time braided garlic.  These where then hung in the pantry to finish drying and for storage purposes.  Yes, the smell of 80 garlic bulbs can overpower you if you’re not careful but then again the whole pantry area is a sensory overload area between the smell of garlic and various soaps curing.

OK, I admit I got carried away planting garlic.  You see we are still waiting to harvest the half bed of Early Italian Purple Garlic!

California Early White Garlic pulled from their temporary home in the soil. California Early White Garlic…

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