How to Pull out the ENTIRE Dandelion!

Reenie's Roost

Dandelions and I don’t get along. When we were living in Brampton, they had just implemented a ‘no herbicide’ policy on city parks and properties. I get that. It’s better for the environment, which I do feel very strongly about, and our four legged friends don’t have to walk on the stuff, absorbing the chemicals through their paws and tracking it back to the house. But they sure make it hard to keep a healthy lawn!  Worse yet, the homeowner behind us did NOTHING to maintain his yard so his THOUSANDS of weed seeds would inevitably blow through the fence and

 I had no previous experience with weeds.  Or lawns and gardens for that matter: my parents always did that part of the yard work growing up–I was just left to water the lawn, and even then I was pretty bad at it!

Now I’ve had some practice, I think…

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