A Weekend Project for a Healthy Home


The Stages of an Apple Seed The Stages of an Apple Seed

Summer is at our doorstep and for those of us who like to keep our home feeling and smelling fresh, I have for you a little tip! It is a proven fact that indoor plants literally clean your air. Yes, some like Aleo Vera or certain Palms do work best, but why not start your own little gardening project with something you have in your fridge?!

Where did it all start with me?! An apple. While eating fruits and vegetables I always think about wanting to plant the seeds and have all types of trees in my backyard – then reality checks in and says…but Maral, you don’t have a backyard…not yet! So I’m working with what’s available to me today.

In the image above you can see the different stages of an apple seed. First there is the germinated seed (which I’ll go into…

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