Golden jam


The Plum Palate


Last spring we planted a stand of ‘Anne’ raspberries, between the fence and the walkway in the back yard. These are golden raspberries, plump sweet ones that grew all through the summer, in defiance of the grower, who told us it could be a year before we saw a yield.

The new plants are prolific and they intimidate me. Or maybe the easy fruit made me smug. Either way, I never got around to pruning them. I must have asked Michael twice and my friend Anne, too. But I’m the kind of person who needs to be shown, by someone standing in my backyard with pruning shears in hand and good eye contact. This is what you do. Reading directions online and squinting at a YouTube instructional clip (“…prune your raspberries into a ‘V’ shape”?) didn’t help. And anyway, it’s easy to forget about something that’s not only unfamiliar…

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