STEM Activity for Earth Day: “Can Do” Gardens

Outside the Box Homeschoolers

IMG_5519 Can-Do Garden

This simple activity was found originally on Pinterest (although I apparently didn’t re-pin it, because I can’t find it now to link – sorry). Fortunately for us both, the original pin was not terribly useful, since it linked simply to a picture that looked very similar to what you see above with a vague image of the materials needed to make the craft. Here’s what you will need:

Can-Do Garden
A clean recycled can
Potting soil
Grass seed
Googly Eyes


Step 1
Decorate the outside of the can by gluing googly eyes and felt to the magnets. You can also glue the decorations directly to the can, but our kids thought it was fun to put them on magnets so that they could change them around later or swap them with their siblings.

Step 2
Put about 1/2 cup of potting soil in the can…

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