Garden Blooms

Simply the Smiths

This year I decided to plant a Ton of flowers.  Mix flowers+vegetables.  Last year I had two marigold plants. Two.  My parent’s yard is All flowers and then a vegetable garden. I needed some flowers! I had a box of 1000 seeds of each marigolds, daisies, and zinnias, and then of course I bought other flower seeds whenever I saw them (actually not, but that’s likely what Jed thinks ha!) 

And then we were gone for 3 weeks, and where I had planted the flowers, got taken over by weeds. And the rest of the garden. It wasn’t my priority to weed the flowers, as I had to find my potatoes, and tomatoes etc first! I did see one zinnia bloom and oh what a hope! I started weeding it out a bit and found a Ton of zinnia’s that had come up! I have zinnias, and bachelor buttons blooming…

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