How does your Garden Grow? With Prickly Cukes and Juicy ‘Maters and Spicy Peppers all in a Row

the creative life in between

Ok – so I’m not quite the “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” Nursery Rhyme Poet that Mother Goose was…

But OH How I LOVE to watch my Garden Grow!


I only started vegetable gardening – again – a few years ago – and my garden is just a tiny, manageable patch…


with enough tomatoes and cucumbers for fresh salads by mid to end of summer (and OH I just can’t wait for these to turn RED! – and my Orange Pineapple Heirloom tomatoes to emerge!)


and some spicyJalapeno peppers to zip up fresh salsa!


and some banana (Hungarian Wax?) peppers to stuff with spicy sausage!


and I love how fresh and clean everything looks in the morning after a night of nourishing rain.

Cheers & Hugs,


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