In The Garden

Ms. Cleaver Chronicles

Tomatoes ripening on the vine

Plum Tomatoes

Rainbow of Tomatoes

Not a Bell Pepper

Highbush Blueberries

We’re far enough into the growing season now for me to discover some surprises in the garden beds due to free-wheeling labeling practices on my farmer’s market purchased plants.

For instance, in my last attempt at a veggie garden, one my my “bell peppers” turned out to be a banana pepper. This year, I once again have a fully grown “bell pepper” that is distinctly not bell shaped. Is it a hot pepper? A sweet pepper? Is it even ripe? I have no idea. Based on a preliminary search of the Johnny’s catalog, my guess is it’s a “Mellow Star” Japanese-style sweet pepper and usually eaten green, but probably not the “Yankee Bell” I thought I bought.

That beautiful rainbow of cherry tomatoes? Supposed to be a sauce/plum type called “Juliet”. My plan was to make salsa and sauce out of my tomatoes, since I’m not a big fan of…

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