How to grow a garden in a small indoor space

New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV

(PIX11) — Tiny spaces can still be green.

Tara Bench, a do-it-yourself expert from Hometalk, explains three different ways you can grow a garden even in a small indoor space:

Build a Vertical Garden

If you’re tight on space, try growing upwards with “pocket” gardening. All you need is a wall, or fence, that receives adequate sunlight, a canvas shoe rack, some potting soil, and basic tools such as a screwdriver and a level.

You have the option to buy single pockets or rows of hanging pockets. Pockets come in a variety of sizes and colors, but make sure you get canvas or fabric for the ability to drain. When choosing plants, keep in mind the size of the plant’s root system so that they will grow properly.

  • What you’ll need: Potting soil and small garden plants, single pockets or rows of hanging pockets, and your basic tools including…

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